Understanding Science Year 9 & 10

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Understanding Science for Years 9 & 10 provides comprehensive revision of Years 9 & 10 science by syllabus dot points, using questions and answers. This book is an ideal revision guide for students as they prepare for school science tests and statewide tests in science.

The questions and answers have been prepared by highly experienced science teachers. Each answer is clearly written in an easy to understand style.


  • Part 1: Prescribed Focus Areas (Dot Points 5.1-5.5)
    • History of Science
    • Nature and Practice of Science
    • Application and Uses of Science
    • Implications of Science for Society & the Environment
    • Current Issues, Research & Developments in Science
  • Part 2: Knowledge and Understanding (Dot Points 5.6-5.12)
    • Energy, Force and Motion
    • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
    • Living Things
    • The Universe
    • The Dynamic Structure of Earth
    • Interaction of Biotic and Abiotic Features of the Environment
    • Impact of Human Resource Use on the Biosphere
    • Technology
  • Part 3: Skills (Dot Points 5.13-5.22)
  • Periodic Table
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