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A+ French Exam VCE Units 3 & 4

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Written by an outstanding author team, this write-in workbook provides VCE French students with the knowledge, skills and practice to successfully complete the end-of-year oral and written examinations. It explains how the exams work and how they are assessed, while also providing students with plenty of opportunities to practise. It unpacks the assessment criteria, includes numerous listening exercises and sample written oral and written exam responses.

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– How to use this book: for teachers and for students
– What you need to know about the exams, including assessment; VCAA prescribed themes and topics; suggested sub-topics for French VCE; and Stepping Stones: essential strategies for success in the oral and written examinations.
1 Preparing for the Oral Examination: Speaking
Part A Conversation and sample student responses
Part B Detailed discussion and sample student responses
2 Preparing for the Written Examination: Listening
Before the exam
During the exam
Part A Practice questions
Part B Practice question
Answer explanations to practice questions
3 Preparing for the Written Examination: Reading
During the exam
Part A Practice questions
Part B Practice question
Answer explanations to practice questions
4 Preparing for the Written Examination: Writing
Before the exam
During the exam
Kinds of writing
Text types
Model essays
Checklist: ‘Est-ce ton Papyrus?’
5 Study Tools
Vocabulary preparation
Example vocabulary and phrases
Common pronunciation errors
Idiomatic expressions: proverbs and sayings
Idiomatic expressions: body parts
Les “faux amis”
Grammar: guidelines for revising
Grammar: self evaluation chart
Dictionary use
6 Written Practice Exams
Four full-length practice exams
Discs at the back of the book:
Disc 1: Approximately 30 audio tracks for the listening tasks/practice exams
Disc 2: Solutions to practice exams and transcripts to audio tracks

Four full-length practice written exams with an accompanying exam countdown clock timer

audio tracks included, with listening examples (and accompanying transcripts) to improve listening comprehension, and recorded sample student responses for the Oral Exam

‘Good’ and ‘excellent’ example student responses for both the Oral and Written Exams, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each response

Topic-based lists of vocabulary, proverbs, sayings, idioms and other authentic expressions specifically aimed to help students prepare for the Oral Exam

Scaffolded strategies and tasks to plan, prepare and write the French written response for the Written Exam. These include do’s and don’ts checklists, topic and text type mind maps, and tips and traps.