Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)

The ATAR is not a score out of 100 – it is a rank. It shows a student’s achievement in relation to other students.

The ATAR (previously known as ENTER) is calculated by VTAC solely for the use of tertiary institutions to compare the overall achievement of students who have completed different combinations of VCE studies. VTAC forwards the ATAR along with application information to selection authorities at institutions.

How is the ATAR calculated?

VTAC uses VCE results issued by the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) to calculate the ATAR.

Subject to the restrictions outlined in the VTAC Year 10 Guide (available on the Publications page), the ATAR is developed from an aggregate produced by adding:

  • VTAC scaled study score in one of English, English Language, Literature or English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • The next best three VTAC scaled study scores permissible; and
  • 10% of the fifth and sixth permissible scores that are available.

For more information on how the ATAR is calculated, see the ABC of Scaling fact sheet (see Publications). Also see Study restrictionsStudy groupings and restrictions and Scaling.

Who gets an ATAR?

VCE students: VTAC calculates an ATAR for all VCE students who have successfully completed the VCE and satisfied minimum tertiary entrance requirements. Only applicants who have at least four VCE study scores in an acceptable combination will have an ATAR calculated.

Interstate Year 12 students: If you are studying an interstate Year 12, VTAC receives your results and ranks from your state admissions centre/authority. Interstate Year 12 authorities (except Queensland) provide you with an ATAR.

Queensland uses a ranking system (OP) which is not equivalent to the ATAR. Comparison tables of the Queensland OP and the ATAR are available on the QTAC website.

Notional ATAR

A notional ATAR is a rank calculated by VTAC used to directly compare the results of applicants who have studied under different Victorian educational systems. For example, if you have gained a Victorian secondary qualification other than the VCE (e.g. Matriculation, HSC, IB), you will not have an ATAR. A notional ATAR is calculated to indicate that you meet minimum tertiary entrance requirements in Victoria.

A notional ATAR is created for:

  • all applicants who have successfully completed a full Victorian Year 12 attempt prior to 1992;
  • all applicants with a combination of pre-1992 and post-1992 Victorian Year 12 subjects (including English) who have for the first time, at least four VCE study scores, VCE (HSC) Group 1 subjects or their predecessors;
  • all applicants who have studied International Baccalaureate in Victoria, qualified for the IB Diploma and sat the GAT (or received formal exemption).