Vanquish Comprehension 6

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This book improves and strengthens students’ ability to answer challenging comprehension questions.

There are 34 comprehension exercises here based on the new examination format. Students answer a variety of inferential questions based on the MCQ Visual Text Comprehension and Open-Ended Comprehension.

Clues are given in the answer key to guide students on how to look for contextual clues when answering the questions. The answer key can also be a useful teaching tool for parents and teachers as the clues highlight the relevant areas in each comprehension exercise that the students should focus on.

A separate vocabulary section provides the meaning of difficult words used in the exercises. Related vocabulary for some of the words is also provided to widen and strengthen the students’ vocabulary.

Answers to all practice tests are included.


  • Contents
  • Practice 1
  • Practice 2
  • Practice 3
  • Practice 4
  • Practice 5
  • Practice 6
  • Practice 7
  • Practice 8
  • Practice 9
  • Practice 10
  • Practice 11
  • Practice 12
  • Practice 13
  • Practice 14
  • Practice 15
  • Take the Challenge 1
  • Take the Challenge 2
  • Vocabulary
  • Answer Key
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