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Understanding Year 5 & 6 Maths

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Understanding Year 5 & 6– All Levels 
(suitable for students of all abilities)

This is one of the most popular books in the series.

224 Pages

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Categories: , Publisher: Accelerated Maths Learning

Major Topics Covered

Whole numbers
Particular emphasis has been placed on the four (4) major operations, ie adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing.
Areas & Volumes
Space Around Us
Symmetry, reflection, rotation & translation

Important Number Patterns

Extension Work

This topic covers harder problems relating to fractions, decimals & percentages.

This book is suitable for students in both Year 5 and Year 6, because it caters for the wide range of capabilities within different classes at different Primary Schools throughout Australia. Each important major topic has been thoroughly covered – starting from the very basic first ideas, right through to extension work for more talented students.

There are five (5) diagnostic tests at the end of each topic which are graded from very easy (to build up confidence) through to difficult. This is where confidence, understanding and enjoyment all starts. Suitable for all States in Australia, and excellent for parents who wish to help their children excel.

Each of the above topics is thoroughly summarized, having five levels of questions at the end of each chapter:

Level Number Degree of Difficulty
Level 1 These easier questions, covering only the most basic ideas in the topic, are intended to build up confidence for weaker students. Reference pages are shown if students have difficulties.
Levels 2 & 3 The questions in these two levels are of average difficulty level, and they will give students a good opportunity to practice and consolidate the ideas and rules covered throughout most of the topic. Reference pages are shown if students have difficulties.
Level 4 These questions are more difficult. The numbers involved are larger, and the more difficult ideas in the topic are tested. This should only be attempted by more capable students.
Level 5 This extension level has been included to challenge those students who are more gifted at Maths. Usually the questions are more sentence and problem solving orientated, and therefore they involve more reading and comprehension skills.