Strategies for Writing Compositions 1

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Strategies for Writing Compositions is a series of six primary level books aimed at developing writing skills for a variety of text types.

Each unit introduces the features of each text type and provides focused practice on the planning, organisational and language skills for writing good compositions of that particular genre. The unit ends with a writing task that leads the student through the five steps of the writing process – planning, drafting, revising, editing and sharing.

A wide variety of topics and contexualized exercises ensure that the student’s interest is maintained throughout the course. With the comprehensive approach adopted in this book, it is hoped that the student will not only gain a better understanding on how to approach writing, but also build upthe skills to craft interesting and effective compositions of different genres.


  • Unit 1 The Writing Process
  • Unit 2 Personal Recount (1) – Baking Cookies
  • Unit 3 Personal Recount (2) – A Wonderful Holiday
  • Unit 4 Narrative (1) – The Crow and the Pitcher
  • Unit 5 Narrative (2) – Billy Learns a Lesson
  • Unit 6 Note – A Thank-You Note
  • Unit 7 Personal Letter – A Letter to a Friend in Canada
  • Unit 8 Email – An Email to a Pen Pal
  • Unit 9 Report (1) – Giant Pandas
  • Unit 10 Report (2) – Mangosteens
  • Unit 11 Procedure (1) – How to Make a ‘Healthy Banana Split’
  • Unit 12 Procedure (2) – Drawing Grumpy Mr Chong
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