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Neap Flames

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The Neap smartstudy English guide to Flames by Robbie Arnott enables students to acquire a deeper and stronger understanding of Flames, to develop their own critical thinking skills, and to tackle their essays and exams with greater confidence.

The Neap smartstudy English guide to Flames features:

  • a general introduction to the text
  • an easy-to-follow layout
  • background information on the director of Stories We Tell, such as personal history, career and other films
  • the historical and cultural contexts in which the text was filmed, such as Jewish migration, communism, and union movement in Canada
  • key quotes in addition to detailed scene summaries
  • in-depth main character profiles and secondary character profiles coupled with key quotes for
    each character
  • key words selected to describe each character
  • analysis of the central themes in Stories We Tell, such as secrets, family, truth, and theatre
  • critical reception and perspectives of the text
  • study of the film techniques used in the text, such as special effects, breaking the fourth wall, using home footage, and editing
  • images to help with learning, such as a relationship map to keep track of characters
  • a guide to planning and writing an essay
  • two sample essays; one with essay structure explained and one complete essay
  • focus questions as well as further exam-style questions
  • marginal notes explaining key passages, ideas, terms and characters
  • a bibliography and further reading section
  • the expertise of practising VCE English teachers.
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