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Insight – English Year 12 2nd edition

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Insight’s English Year 12 2nd edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive and practical guide to Units 3 and 4 of VCE English for the 2017–2020 VCE Study Design. With definitions and explanations, models, step-by-step guidelines, annotated sample responses and numerous activities, this textbook develops students’ confidence in writing, analysing, and presenting a point of view, providing the tools for success in Year 12 English.

English Year 12 2nd edition in print only format.

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  • Definitions and explanations of all key knowledge, including relevant metalanguage
  • Numerous activities, word banks, sentence starters and model paragraphs to build skills progressively
  • Strategies and guidelines for writing analytical, creative and comparative text responses
  • Examples and annotated sample SAC responses for Area of Study 1, using texts on the 2019 English Text List
  • A wide range of media texts on current issues for building confidence and skills in both analysing argument and presenting a point of view
  • Guidelines for delivering an effective oral presentation and writing a statement of intention
  • Examples and annotated sample SAC responses for Area of Study 2, using recent media texts and issues
  • Clear explanations of all assessment tasks and a photocopiable assessment sheet for each SAC
  • An exam chapter with revision strategies and tips for success.