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Creative Writers Book 5

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  1. CREATIVE WRITERS! Primary English Composition Guide & Practice is a series of 6 books specially designed for primary school students. Each book aims to enhance a student’s writing skills. The two areas of writing activity in this series are:

Picture Study

This is the basic premise for writing a picture composition. Students will also learn to derive information from the pictures given. Acquiring this will increase a student’s ability to write.

Creative Thinking

Students should also explore the possibilities that may arise from the situations depicted. Hence, the Creative Thinking section seeks to stimulate students to consider alternatives in relation to themselves.

Each exercise contains a Model and Practice designed to help students think and develop their compositions in a logical and creative manner.

  1. In this book, students will learn to:
  • study pictures in detail,
  • list information,
  • include their own creative input, and
  • organize the information in a logical sequence.
  1. This book contains themes on various aspects of life including:
  • everyday situations,
  • festivals,
  • moral issues,
  • feelings, and
  • tales.
  1. Attention has been given to the development of a student’s creative writing skills without neglecting the requirements of the examinations.
  1. A guide to picture composition writing has been included to enable parents and students to get the most out of this book.
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