Conquer Creative Writing 4

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Conquer Creative Writing for Primary Levels 4 invites students to stretch their imagination, enjoy the process of developing ideas and express themselves through creative writing.

Building the Basics

Students will build their word bank from the activities in Vocabulary Building and learn to differentiate and organize ideas using methods of classification, comparison and contract through the activities in Organizing Information.

Focussed Writing Exercises

The writing activities cover varied themes and text types through the sections Writing Task and Creative Writing, and introduce descriptive, narrative, expository and imaginative composition writing to aspiring young writers.

Developing Writing Skill Sets

Through the sections Expanding Ideas, Thinking Task and Creative Response, students learn to form and elaborate ideas for writing and to incorporate personal and real-life experiences into their writing.

Suggested Answers

These provide alternative ideas so children can learn to relate to other situations and analyze possible outcomes in order to think and write even more creatively.

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