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ATAR Notes History Revolutions units 3&4

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This book covers all four Revolutions: America, France, Russia, and China, concisely summarising everything you need to know. You’ll also find relevant study questions to help put your knowledge into practice, and key quotes for every dot point of the study design, as well as detailed primary and secondary evidence for you to use in your essays. There is even a breakdown of the exam tasks, featuring tips from a high-achieving student about what it takes to score highly in each section.

The author, Nazli, achieved an outstanding raw score of 47 in History, and has an extensive understanding of all four Revolutions in the VCE course, particularly Russia and China. Zachary earned an ATAR of 99.00 as well as a raw 44 in History having studied America and France. Hence, this book includes all of the important dates, statistics, and historiography you need to ace your History studies.

It’s safe to say that these notes are going to save you time, and save you a lot of it.So save time, save marks, and save stress! Everything you need for this enormously challenging subject is within the covers of our incredible VCE History: Revolutions Units 3&4 Notes.

Place your order now, and feel the relief of knowing you found an incredible resource for Revs!

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