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ATAR Notes Chemistry Units 3&4

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Our VCE Chemistry Notes are everything you could wish for and more. They go beyond your textbook and the basics you cover in class. And they’ll target your conceptual understanding which will surely be tested by the examiners come November. These notes condense the basics into terms that are much easier for students to understand. However, if you’re looking to excel in your Chemistry studies, you’ll also find tips, tricks, and assessment advice. This means that when SACs and exams come knocking, you’re prepared for the easy, predictable questions and the difficult curveballs. There’s diagrams of molecules, graphs of spectra, illustrations of compounds, and clear explanations of each Area of Study. You’ll even find some sample exam responses that showcase the best possible way to set out your workings. So if you’re looking to blitz your Chem studies, you can’t go wrong with these notes.

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