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Year 5 & 6 Scholarship Tests

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Written by Mr K Suga

We are aware that several books have already been published which aim at this very large and ever increasing market. The few publications available at this point in time usually consist solely of test papers containing a wide variety of typical scholarship multiple-choice questions. Practising on these papers is obviously beneficial and useful for assessing the overall ability and potential of a student.

However, the problems in each paper vary considerably from question to question, both in content and difficulty level.


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In addition, there are usually no theory, examples or useful hints and methods on how to solve the great variety of problems given. These limitations make it very difficult to help and tutor students for the scholarship exams, because every question in the paper is usually totally different from the others – each requiring a different approach and set of thinking skills.

To overcome the problem, Mr K Suga has carefully researched all the previous types of scholarship exam questions and divided them up into fourteen (14) major topics.

Each six page topic is divided up as follows:

Pages 1 & 2 Useful theory and typical fully worked examples. These give students, parents and teachers useful hints and strategies on how to solve the problems in the next four pages. Including theory and examples is unique to this book.
Page 3 Typical scholarship multiple choice questions.
Page 4 Extension multiple choice questions, provided to extend very capable students.
Page 5 Average short answer questions.
Page 6 Extension short answer questions for very gifted students. Some of these questions are extremely challenging.
Note: In Mathematics exams, the ability to solve problems is becoming increasingly important. Therefore over 60% of this book is aimed at varying levels of problem solving skills.

Towards the end of the book there are two full scholarship test papers that contain a mixture of questions covering all the different examinable topic areas.

Answers are given to all questions in the back of the book, and partly worked solutions and hints are given for the extension short answer questions.

Although the title implies this book is suitable for Year 5 and 6 students, many of the questions would be challenging to students in Year 7 and Year 8. In fact many schools and coaching colleges have told me that they also use the book in the early and middle high school years.

Once again, the presentation and layout is of a very high standard, and the test questions (although based closely on the format of previous scholarship exam questions) are unique, interesting and at times extremely challenging. Teachers/Coaches/Parents/Students will now find it much easier to teach or master a particular topic area.