The Hunter (NEAP)

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The smartstudy® English guide to The Hunter explores the context, characters and themes of Julia Leigh’s thought-provoking debut novel. The Hunter is a fascinating story, which details the pursuit of the last Tasmanian tiger for financial gain. The novel explores the moral and ethical reasoning behind the obsessive search and reflects Tasmania’s dark colonial past. It is a haunting and compelling novel.

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Key Features:
– notes about the author/director/poet/playwright
– an overview of the historical and cultural context
– chapter/scene/story summaries
– character profiles
– analysis of themes and genres
– critical perspectives of the text
– key quotations
– focus questions in each section
– marginal notes explaining key passages, ideas, terms and characters
– a guide to planning and writing an essay
– a sample essay with annotations
– further exam-style essay questions
– a bibliography and further reading section