Insight – Literature for Senior Students 5th edition

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Literature for Senior Students 5th edition  – Revised to reflect text list changes as well as the latest advice from teachers and assessors, Literature for Senior Students 5th edition is a comprehensive and up‐to‐date textbook for senior literature. It includes a detailed reference section as well as practical guidelines, activities, models and annotated sample responses, enabling students to build confidence and skills in all forms of literary analysis.
Changes from the 4th edition include:
  • New sample responses for each assessment task using texts on the 2019 VCE Literature Text List
  • An expanded section on literary theory and its applications
  • Approaches to comparing different perspectives on a text
  • A chapter on the VCE Literature examination.
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  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the main forms of literature, explaining the key terms and techniques with clear definitions and numerous examples.
  • Includes a historical timeline from ancient Greece to the present and a detailed glossary for quick reference.
  • Covers a wide range of popular texts studied in senior literature.
  • Outlines approaches to the main forms of responses to literary texts, including creative responses, comparing an adaptation to the source text, comparing different literary perspectives on a text and writing a close analysis of one or more passages.
  • Includes complete sample responses to assessment tasks with detailed assessor comments.