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Insight Skills Builders Writing Skills Book 1

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The Insight Skills Builders series offers engaging practice and revision books that focus on the key areas of grammarpunctuationspellingvocabulary and writing skills that support the Australian Curriculum for English. Especially written to develop fundamental English skills, the full-colour student workbooks are ideal for use in the classroom or as homework, while the Teacher’s Books provide teaching points and worksheets for extra practice.


  • Clear, accessible explanations and adviceExtensive scaffolding in the form of models, cloze exercises and so on
  • Levelled approach designed to take writers from ‘Developing’ to ‘Excellent’
  • Progressive development of skills, taking students from building strong sentences to writing extended pieces
  • Advice and guidelines for writing a range of text types
  • Self-assessment sheets that allow students to monitor their progress
  • Sample answers.

Insight Skills Builders Writing Skills Book 1 in print and digital formats.

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