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Giant book of General Ability Tests Years 5-8

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  • For Year 5-8.
  • Over 800 practice questions for entry examinations.
  • Tests of verbal, spatial, mathematical and logical ability.
  • Multiple choice format.
  • Presented in sets.
  • Original and challenging


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Category: Publisher: Coroneos Publications
  • Over 800 practice questions for entry examinations
  • Tests of verbal, spatial, mathematical and logical ability
  • Multiple choice format
  • Presented in sets
  • Original and challenging

This book contains 17 banks of tests containing 830 questions of the type that students encounter in Selective Schools Tests, Scholarship and other Entrance Examinations.

A feature of this book of questions is it Extended Answer Section. This section, unlike most other books, provides wherever necessary, a detailed explanation of the answer to each question. Explanations are given as to why one answer is preferred against another, enabling students to learn from the experience of a wrong answer.

No attempt has been made to grade the questions in the book, as the test banks are designed to give practice in not only the various types of question which may be encountered, but also the format of the tests which are not graded in Entrance Examinations.

Although the question banks are not graded, the papers do have sequence. Throughout, they contain repeating features such as spatial, mathematical, language and general knowledge components. The general knowledge components include questions on history, geography, science, art and music; the premise being that the alert pupil should have, at his or her disposal, knowledge of a general nature.