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Insight – English Language for Senior Students: A Guide to Metalanguage

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Insight’s English Language for Senior Students: A guide to metalanguage is an invaluable resource for Units 1-4 of the English Language 2016-2020 Study Design. It offers clear and accessible definitions of all metalanguage, accompanied by engaging activities and sample responses. The guide will demystify the prescribed linguistic terminology, enabling students to become confident metalanguage users, whether studying English Language in Year 11 or Year 12.

English Language for Senior Students: A guide to Meta Language in print only format.

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  • Explanations of all metalanguage from Units 1-4 of the current English Language Study Design
  • Spoken and written language samples from both formal and informal registers to provide context for metalanguage exercises
  • An easy-to-navigate format, with metalanguage organised into subsystems, mirroring the Study Design
  • An index for efficient access to metalanguage explanations.
  • Exercises to test students’ understanding of the metalanguage, with accompanying answers