ATAR Notes Specialist Math 3&4

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If you’re a Specialist Maths student, you’re probably quite familiar with a range of different resources. Practice questions? Check. Textbooks? Check. Khan Academy? Check. But our VCE Specialist Maths Notes are different, and that’s why they’ll give you a unique and competitive advantage. They were written by someone who scored a 47 raw in Specialist Maths just a few years ago. Plus, they’re fully up to date with the new Study Design, so you know you’re getting the most useful content. You’ll also find a tonne of graphs, diagrams, and sample answers to aid your conceptual understanding. And that’s on top of all the tips, tricks, and advice from a past student – meaning these notes have more than a textbook could ever offer you.

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Here, you’ll cover the different formulae and application questions for each Area of Study, as well as how to show your workings and maximise your marks, so if you’re looking for a way to test your knowledge and clear up any uncertainties or areas you haven’t covered at school, you can do that, too.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to stand out in this challenging subject, our VCE Specialist Maths notes are your new best friend.