ATAR Specialist Math 3&4 Test

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Ask anyone who’s done well in Specialist Math about the key to success in this brutally difficult subject, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: practice questions, practice questions, practice questions. It’s no coincidence that this book is going to provide you exactly that. With 14 discrete topic tests, this resource has a plethora of both originally written questions and questions sourced from past VCAA exams. The author achieved a 50 raw in Specialist Maths, and he’s combined these question types within the tests in a way that provides you the richest possible learning experience. One enormous benefit of this structure is that you get a highly realistic exam experience, without exhausting your pool of VCAA exam questions too early. And for each question included in the tests, there’s actually a detailed solution included that goes through the underlying concepts tested and the mathematical technique required to ace the question at a VCAA level. So, you not only get the enormous benefit of completing the practise questions themselves, but you also get the benefit of following up your understanding immediately. In one of VCE’s most difficult subjects, any edge can be crucial. But in this resource, you aren’t just getting any edge – you’re getting the edge that will set you apart. Order your copy today.

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