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ATAR Notes Global Politics 3&4

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These VCE Global Politics Units 3&4 Notes are fully relevant to the new study design as of 2018. In a subject as under-resourced as Global Politics, they’re the answer to all of your prayers!

From the basics and nuances of Global Actors in Unit 3 to Ethical Issues and Debates in Unit 4, these Notes are the A to Z of everything you need to know for your exam.

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In these pages, you will find detailed analysis for each area of study – with vital tips for avoiding simple, common errors. You’ll also get concise summaries of important definitions and theoretical concepts. Ultimately, these VCE Global Politics Units 3&4 Notes will boost both your understanding, and your practical writing skills. This means you can head into SACs and exams confident in your abilities.

Furthermore, all of this is written by a 99.65 ATAR achiever with a 50 raw score in Global Politics. She is also a lecturer at ATAR Notes! So, not only does she know how to excel academically, she’s also brilliant at communicating her knowledge to others.

For an under-resourced subject like this, these VCE Global Politics Units 3&4 Notes are a great buy for students looking to score highly!