ATAR Math Methods 3&4 Test

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The VCE Maths Methods Units 3&4 Topic Tests are one of the best available tools for improving your study score.

Inside the covers, there are a whopping 14 high-quality Methods Topic Tests. These contain a mix of original questions, and ones sourced from past VCAA exams.

One huge benefit here is that the past VCAA questions provide hyper-realistic exam experience that’s fully relevant to the current study design. Plus, the original questions target specific key knowledge points that will increase your marks the most. Difficult questions even come with a ‘beware’ tag that teach you to identify the trickiest VCAA questions that too often impact marks. Thus, this book will help you develop strategies for dealing with all questions: big and small, easy and difficult!

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What’s more – every single question in this book is accompanied by a handwritten worked solution and a conceptual explanation. This means you can see exactly how your answers should be laid out in a VCAA-style assessment. And not only do these answers tell you how marks would be allocated, they also explain why the answer is the way it is. So whether you want to improve your theoretical understanding, or your practical ability, this book is for you!

We know a lot of Methods students want help boosting their rankings and preparing for exams. And this amazing resource is here to do just that.

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