ATAR Legal Studies 3&4 Test

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Our VCE Legal Studies Units 3&4 Topic Tests are fully relevant to the study design. And even better, they’ll prepare you for every topic in the course so that you can walk out of every SAC and exam feeling confident!

There’s a lot to remember in Legal Studies. Definitions, case studies, all the theory behind each Area of Study. The list goes on. But one surefire way to get your head around it is to complete practice questions. And that’s just what these Legal Studies Units 3&4 Topic Tests are here to help you do.

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Inside, you’ll find an extensive breadth of questions across 15 tests. Plus, there’s a mix of past-VCAA exam questions, and originally written questions you won’t find anywhere else.

But best of all, there are detailed solutions demonstrating exactly what a high-scoring response looks like. Each answer is also accompanied by explanatory notes and hints to help you excel.

Our two authors, Jaidyn and Karly, graduated in the top 2% of the state for Legal Studies. They have also both since gone on to pursue Law at university. Jaidyn is currently studying Law at Monash University, while Karly is studying the Juris Doctor at The University of Melbourne and has been tutoring and lecturing Legal Studies for several years.

So if you’re looking to ace Legal this year, look no further than our VCE Legal Studies Units 3&4 Topic Tests!