ATAR Further Math 3&4 Test

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These VCE Further Maths Units 3&4 Topic Tests are fully relevant to the new study design.

Inside the covers of this magnificent resource are 6 practice tests the Core, and 2 practice tests for each module. Each test contains a mixture of originally written and past-VCAA questions.

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The benefit of this is that the original questions are curated to test precisely the areas that could prove most costly to you in SACs and exams. Likewise, the VCAA questions provide a perfect indication of how questions are written in the exam. We’ve also included ‘beware’ tags for the trickiest questions. This helps you to be alert for the tricky questions that, in such a competitive subject, can decide a study score.

Best of all – the answers come with explanations, and, for short-answer questions, a handwritten example solution. This shows exactly how you should present your answers in exams. As a result, you no longer have to feel stressed or waste time trying to figure out a confusing answer. All the explanations you need are in the back of the book!

Further is a genuinely competitive subject with a small margin for error. As such, extra practice almost always offers students the edge they need to excel.

And you can’t do better than what’s offered in our VCE Further Maths Units 3&4 Topic Tests.