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ATAR Chemistry 3&4 Test

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This book is designed to help you hone your understanding of all key topics in VCE Chemistry. This subject is full of complex concepts and tricky equations, processes, and formulas to understand. But the easiest way to get ahead is to put this theory into practice with exam-style questions.

That’s why these Topic Tests contain a mix of past-VCAA exams and original questions covering the entire study design. Thus, you can concentrate on applying your knowledge to each of the different topics in Chem. There are also some Unit 3&4 revision tests at the end for exam preparation. Then you can compare your answers to the ones at the back of the book, which show what a high-scoring student would write, word-for-word.

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But the best bit? Every question comes with an in-depth explanation. From the mark allocation of short-answer questions to the warnings about common traps and mistakes, this book has you covered. For each question, you will be given unique insights into how to approach everything that Chem could throw at you. And you’ll be able to refine both your knowledge and your assessment strategies so that you too can ace your SACs and exams!