Insight – Argument & Persuasive Language 2nd Edition

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Argument & Persuasive Language 2nd edition  – This 2nd edition edition of the bestselling Argument and Persuasive Language provides comprehensive coverage of Area of Study 2 of the VCE English course. It covers the analysis of argument and of persuasive language in a variety of media texts, supported by stimulating activities that progressively develop students’ analytical skills.

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The book features:
  • A more integrated approach to the analysis of argument and persuasive language
  • All new Australian and international media texts of all types on a range of engaging and contemporary issues
  • Explanations, activities and practical support, including word banks, sentence starters and model sentences, showing how to write analytically about argument and persuasive language in a holistic way
  • Guidelines and models for comparing argument and persuasive language in different media texts on the same issue
  • High-level sample responses with annotations.