A View from the Bridge (NEAP)

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The smartstudy® English guide to Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge thoroughly analyses the characters, themes and dramatic techniques of this modern classic. A contemporary Greek tragedy, Miller’s story of love, betrayal and self-discovery is seen from the perspective of the common man and set against the backdrop of a New York transforming under waves of immigration and multiculturalism.

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Key Features:

  • notes about the author/director/poet/playwright
  • an overview of the historical and cultural context
  • chapter/scene/story summaries
  • character profiles
  • analysis of themes and genres
  • critical perspectives of the text
  • key quotations
  • focus questions in each section
  • marginal notes explaining key passages, ideas, terms and characters
  • a guide to planning and writing an essay
  • a sample essay with annotations
  • further exam-style essay questions
  • a bibliography and further reading section