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A+ Physical Education Notes VCE Units 3 &4

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A+ Phys Ed Notes Units 3 & 4 is written in line with the latest VCE Physical Education Study Design and is a comprehensive companion for students studying VCE Physical Education at Units 3 & 4. The notes are designed to both supplement class work and provide informative wider reading for students. In addition, key application examples are included, that allow students to draw links between the theory covered in classrooms and ‘real world’ settings. With comprehensive summary notes, practice exam questions and detailed solutions, exam-style scenarios, revision checklists, examination advice and a glossary of terms, students can use this book as an important revision tool for the end-of-year examination.
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Unit 3: Movement skills and energy for physical activity
AREA OF STUDY 1: How are movement skills improved?
Chapter 1: Characteristics of skills and stages of learning
Chapter 2: Improving skills
Chapter 3: Kinetic concepts of human movement
Chapter 4: Kinematic concepts of human movement
Chapter 5: Biomechanical principles of equilibriumAREA OF STUDY 2: How does the body produce energy?
Chapter 6: the three energy systems working together to product ATP
Chapter 7: Acute responses to exercise
Chapter 8: Energy system fatigue and recovery mechanismsUnits 4: Training to improve performance
AREA OF STUDY 1: What are the foundations of an effective training program
Chapter 9: Fitness components used in sports and activities
Chapter 10: Activity analysis in sports
Chapter 11: Assessment of fitness

AREA OF STUDY 2: How is training implemented effectively to improve fitness?
Chapter 12: Fitness training principles
Chapter 13: Fitness training methods
Chapter 14: Training program design: planning, implementation and evaluation
Chapter 15: Chronic adaptations to training
Chapter 16: Psychological performance enhancement
Chapter 17: Solutions