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A+ Legal Studies Exam VCE Units 3 & 4

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A+ Legal Studies Exam VCE Units 3 & 4 Student Book has been written exactly in line with the new 2018 VCE Legal Studies Study Design, to provide students with support for school-assessed coursework and outcomes that gradually build students’ examination skills for end-of-year exams. All Areas of Study in Units 3 & 4 are covered and are presented in order of Area of Study, with a range of key skills assessed throughout, regular revision is encouraged throughout.

Different types of stimulus material have been used throughout, including Acts, case studies, quotations and extracts. In addition, numerous practice tests with graduated difficulty are provided for students to build upon end-of-year exam skills. Other features of the text include full-length detachable exams on perforated paper and a separate comprehensive Solutions CD.

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Contains 13 practice exams for the 2018 VCE Legal Studies Units 3 and 4 Study Design

Graduated difficulty – the books are divided into practice exams that gradually increase in length, content and difficulty. Use them throughout the year, no just before the actual exam

No teacher preparation is required – students write directly into the books

Bonus full-length detachable exam included – produced on perforated paper, it allows for easy tear-out and can be used as a formal assessment task

Great value – designed and priced to be used by each individual student

A separate, comprehensive solutions CD containing an Appendix with additional responses is provided with each book allowing teachers to control students’ access to answers