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Insight – Argument & Persuasive Language 2nd Edition

Argument & Persuasive Language 2nd edition  - This 2nd edition edition of the bestselling Argument and Persuasive Language provides comprehensive coverage of Area of Study 2 of the VCE English course. It covers the analysis of argument and of persuasive language in a variety of media texts, supported by stimulating activities that progressively develop students' analytical skills.
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Insight – English Exam Guide – Area of Study 2

Insight's English Exam Guides are practical and comprehensive resources for Area of Study 1 and Area of Study 2 in the end-of-year VCE English examination. From time management during the exam to proofreading responses, the English Exam Guides cover all the knowledge and skills required for success in each of the exams.
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Insight – English Exam Guide – Area of Study 1 2nd edition

The Insight Exam Guides series is a set of practical and comprehensive resources for all Areas of Study in the VCE examinations for English, EAL and Literature. Insight’s English Exam Guides provide students with revision strategies and activities to prepare them for the VCE English examination. Advice from leading teachers and assessors helps students to understand the specific requirements for each section of the...
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Insight – English Language Exam Guide 3rd Edition for the 2016~2020 VCE Study Design

Insight's English Language Exam Guide 3rd edition is fully updated for the new 2016 Study Design. This comprehensive guide enables students to work progressively through the different types of exam questions, building their confidence and exposing them to a range of language registers, text types and essay questions.
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Insight – English Year 12 2nd edition

Insight’s English Year 12 2nd edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive and practical guide to Units 3 and 4 of VCE English for the 2017–2020 VCE Study Design. With definitions and explanations, models, step-by-step guidelines, annotated sample responses and numerous activities, this textbook develops students’ confidence in writing, analysing, and presenting a point of view, providing the tools for success in Year 12...
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Insight – Key Skills for Senior English – Areas of Study 1 & 2 value pack

Insight’s two Key Skills for Senior English titles combine the informative benefits of a textbook with the practical applications of a workbook. They build students’ confidence and skills progressively, leading to stronger written and oral assessments in Units 1–4. Key Skills for Senior English: Area of Study 1 focuses on analytical, creative and comparative text responses. The accessible, carefully scaffolded exercises guide students...
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Insight – Literature Exam Guide

Insight's Literature Exam Guide is a comprehensive resource for the revised VCE Literature exam. It explains the requirements of each section, unpacks the criteria and includes sample paragraphs and complete responses using popular texts.