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Fine Line (NEAP)

The smartstudy® English guide to Fine Line is an insightful guide to this timely and compelling documentary series. Reporter Ellen Fanning explores the "ethics of journalism" through a number of interviews with prominent colleagues and a series of case studies, which demonstrate the difficult moral and professional decisions journalists must make in their quest for a good story.
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NEAP Stasiland and Nineteen Eighty-Four

The Neap smartstudy® English Reading and Comparing guide to Stasiland and Nineteen Eighty-Four provides students with a thorough overview of this challenging topic and prepares them for the end-of-year VCE English Units 3&4 exam.
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$27.95 $23.75
Clearance!!!!! This study guide fror 2018 will provide a better understanding of the themes, issues, characters and important quotes with 10 sample comparative response essays (Reading & Comparing). The SSRC book cover may be different to the book available for purchase.
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The Baghdad Blog (Cambridge)

CAMBRIDGE WIZARD STUDY GUIDE: BAGHDAD BLOG Written and published in Australia to meet the needs of Australian secondary students, Cambridge Wizard Student Guides provide invaluable background teacher resources, class set material and exam revision aids. New titles are regularly published to reflect the changing prescribed and popular texts studies in senior English and Literature classes.
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The Baghdad Blog (NEAP)

The smartstudy® English guide to The Baghdad Blog thoroughly analyses this complex and unusual text. Salam Pax’s web diary or ‘blog’ uniquely captures the reality of life in Iraq, both under the regime of Saddam Hussein and once coalition forces arrived in the country in 2003. The blog became an internet phenomenon around the world, with millions of readers wanting...
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The Hunter (NEAP)

The smartstudy® English guide to The Hunter explores the context, characters and themes of Julia Leigh’s thought-provoking debut novel. The Hunter is a fascinating story, which details the pursuit of the last Tasmanian tiger for financial gain. The novel explores the moral and ethical reasoning behind the obsessive search and reflects Tasmania’s dark colonial past. It is a haunting and...