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Neap Summary Notes Unit 3 Chemistry
Fully covers the new 2017-21 VCAA Chem. course, End-of-Year Exam preparation, providing a detailed summary with fully worked problems. This new 2017-21 book (Neap) also helps with all 2018 Sacs and practical work. NB. This book is now available!
$  27.95
Checkpoint Unit 3&4 Chemistry
This new 2018 book (Checkpoint) contains many past VCAA  end-of-year exam questions (including the complete 2017 exam) grouped by topic with fully worked answers. It provides ideal preparation for the 2018 end-of-year VCAA exam.
$  37.95
NEAP Unit 3&4 Chemistry Questions
This new 2017-21 book  (NEAP) contains a large number of excellent topic questions with fully worked solutions.The questions are all quite challenging and thus provide students with excellent revision during the whole year.
$  32.95
Checkpoint Unit 1& 2 Chemistry
This new 2016-21 Checkpoint book contains a series of Unit 1&2  practice topic questions covering each area of study &  sample Year 11 exams with fully worked answers. It is an excellent 2018 exam guide for the new yr.11 VCAA 2016-21 course!
$  32.95
Neap Summary Notes Unit 4 Chemistry
This new 2018 summary book from Neap fully summarises the new 2017-21 Unit 4 Chem. VCAA course with excellent study notes, help with all Sac preparation & end-of-year exam revision. There are a large number of new Sac/Exam questions all with fully worked answers. It is available now!
$  27.95
NEAP Unit 3&4 Chemistry Exams
These four new 2017-21 practice exams are each 2.5 hours long & have fully worked solutions to all questions. They are ideal preparation for this years 2017 VCAA end-of-year exam. Please order this ASAP!
$  32.95
A+ unit 3&4 practice exam pack (Chemistry)
This new 2017-21 book contains an excellent series of new practice Sacs and Exams with fully worked answers on a solutions CD.
$  34.95
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