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Psychology Unit 3&4 Neap Exams
The new 2017-21 Psychology practice exams book contains 4 new 2018 2.5hr exams with fully worked answers to all questions. It is an excellent form of revision for all 2018 year 12 students. Please order a copy now!
$  32.95
Neap Summary Notes Unit 3 Psychology
This new book (Neap) contains a complete detailed summary & practice questions with worked solutions for the new VCAA 2017-21 course with assistance for each Sac/Outcome. It is an ideal resource for the 2018 End-of-Year Exam. NB. This book is now available! 
$  27.95
Checkpoint Unit 3&4 Psychology
This new book 2018 (Checkpoint) contains advice and sample multiple choice and longer-style exam questions with fully worked answers. It fully covers all Unit 3&4 topics.  The 2017 VCAA exam (fully answered) is included. It’s ideal for both Sacs& the 2018 VCAA end-of-year exam!
$  37.95
Unit 1&2 Psychology (Checkpoint)
This new Checkpoint book (2016-18) has many Year 11 topic questions & practice exam papers with fully worked answers.
It fully covers the new 2016-18 Year 11 VCAA course.
$  32.95
NEAP Psychology Unit 3 & 4 Questions
This new book covers the current VCAA course  It provides students with many new 2018 practice topic questions with fully worked answers, which are ideal for preparing for Sac tests & the 2018 2.5hr. end-of-year VCAA exam.
$  32.95
A+ Notes Unit 4 Psychology
This new A+ summary book fully covers the new 2017-21 VCAA course with new excellent study notes, practice Sac/exam questions & fully worked answers. It is excellent & is available now!
$  34.95
A+ Unit 3&4 practice exam pack (Psychology)
This new exam practice book is now available to assist with the 2018 VCAA course. This excellent book provides new questions to assist with all Sacs and the 2018 end of year Exam. Fully worked answers are provided to all questions on a solution CD.
$  35.95
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